NEW! Bug earrings on 925 silver hooks. Cockroaches, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, flies, and more!

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Hand cut, sewn, and riveted vegan accessories by LARVAMOLT.Contact me for custom pieces, commissions, or collaboration. 😸🗡️

Metal Spikes
Vegan Leather

Hemmed Edges
Strong Stitching

You can also get my art and designs on professionally-printed things. ^u^

T-shirtsLong SleeveStickersPostersiPhone & Samsung Cases

Contact for Customs

@LARVAMOLT on IG & Twitter

Contact me by Twitter or Instagram DMs, by email at, or the form here.

Accessory Care

- Surface-clean by hand with a damp towel and dry immediately
- Do not put on pets or kids
- Do not submerge in water
- Do not use for rock climbing, etc.
- Fabric masks can be washed and dried normally. Please fold flat after drying to prevent wrinkles.

About Larvamolt

LARVAMOLT is a one-person operation based in Florida, created April 2020 by Mars M. (they / them).They're a visual and textile artist ("sewer drawer"), and proud carer to Amari the lovely cat.

Shop Policies

Although every effort is made to ensure strong screws, stitches and rivets, please handle your accessory gently. Do not wear too tightly or while sleeping.This is a one-person business and does not do returns, refunds, or exchanges.But I'm also a human, please talk to me about any order-related issues. I am happy to help!


😺 More personal links:
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship an accessory?2-4 business days, but it depends on how fast the payment processor is able to get your shipping label payment to me. I ship every order as quickly as it lets me! :) Custom and printed orders may take longer--I will keep you updated.

How durable are your handmade accessories?They are first and foremost art pieces, but can be worn in many ways. Attaching your own charms, leashes, chains, etc. should be fine.If you're dancing or moving around other people, mind the spikes!Buckle/clasp the accessory a little bit loose for space to breathe and move. This pleather material does not stretch. Do not fall asleep while wearing. Do not use for rock-climbing or other load-bearing activities. Have fun, be safe!

Are your fabric masks washable?Yes! My fabric masks are 100% cotton and can be washed and dried like normal clothes, just remember to fold while they cool from the dryer to prevent wrinkles.

Are your pleather accessories washable?Not in the washer! Please clean any surface dirt by hand with a damp cloth. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning chemicals other than a basic unscented soap, if necessary. Do not submerge in water. Please keep the metal spikes dry, or they may discolor.

Are your fabric mask elastics replaceable?Yes! If/when the elastics get stretched and worn out, simply cut them off (without cutting the mask part), and use a chopstick or dull needle to add new elastics. Sew the elastic's ends together (without sewing directly to the mask part). I recommend using two 1/4" inch (0.6 cm) elastic pieces cut to 8-10" each.

If you steal art, I will find you!

Free Art

Free pixel art by Larvamolt! For your Carrd,, Neopets profile, anywhere with HTML input lol.Please use the direct link without saving or re-uploading. For personal, non-competitive, non-commercial use only.

If you want the image to link somewhere else so it's a navigation button or something, just replace my website with your target destination. If you do this, please credit me somewhere else on the same page.

To use art from this page:1. Right click and 'copy image link'
2. Paste that link where the silly placeholder text is
3. Copy the whole textbox, paste anywhere!

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Neopets - Aisha

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plushiebluefaeriefiresplitalienpinkmutantrobotwhiteshadowrainbowchristmashalloweenpiratedariganeventidegreymaraquanpolka dotspottedspeckledcloudtransnonbinarylesbiangay
plushiebluefaeriefiresplitalienpinkmutantrobotwhiteshadowrainbowchristmashalloweenpiratedariganeventidegreymaraquanpolka dotspottedspeckledcloudtransnonbinarylesbiangay

Neopets - Cybunny


Neopets - Wocky


Sanrio - Kuromi

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Large images you can use as wallpapers - do not repost please!
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Square tiled images you can use as backgrounds or wallpaper - do not repost please!
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classic 88x31 pixel buttons for linking back here ^u^

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code for user/pet pages on Neopets

Pixel art by LARVAMOLT.
Sanrio characters belong to SANRIO CO., LTD.
NEOPETS and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc. lol don't sue me